Lime products

We produce burnt lime products under the trade name SCHAEFER PRECAL®  in our modern kilns and downstream hydration plants as calcium oxide and calcium dihydroxide in various qualities, degrees of burning and grain sizes, as well as ready-to-use, highly reactive milk of lime to meet different market requirements .

Burnt lime products

We are able to guarantee chemical purity, reactivity, and uniformity of our products over the long term, depending on the required quality standard. This is achieved, among other things, on the basis of our statistical process control.

In addition to quality, a reliability delivery service is an important criterion.

Unburnt lime products

The product portfolio in the field of unburnt lime ranges from limestone and limestone granules to quality-controlled chippings in defined grain sizes and limestone powders for applications in the construction industry and the building trades.

The limestones are supplied in uniform quality and grain size for further processing.