Chemical production processes

SCHAEFER PRECAL® ensures reliable and consistent product quality. It has a particulary low content of secondary constituents and is therefore an ideal reactive agent, auxiliary material or neutralizer in chemical processes.


Lime product applications

Lime product applications

  • Chemical industry
    SCHAEFER PRECAL® is used in the production of propylene oxide, a precursor for polyurethanes, solvents and humectants as well as antifreeze, resins, emulsifiers and surfactants.
    In the petrochemical industry, SCHAEFER PRECAL® is necessary for the production of mineral oil additives (SCHAEFER KALK Malaysia). The use of our products allows oil additive producers to synthesize custom-made alkaline compounds that can be suspended in the oil. This neutralizes harmful products resulting from combustion, thus extending the service life of engines.
    Other application areas that place high quality demands on SCHAEFER PRECAL® are preservatives, polyols, phosphates and gelatin products.
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