Modern production plants for assured quality

Our production plants are both economical and energy-saving. They are controlled from central monitoring stations by means of process control systems. 

The integrated quality management system in accordance with international standards guarantees compliance with the quality specifications set and agreed with our customers as well as constant delivery capability.

Firing plants


We burn up to 930,000 tons of lime in 10 kilns across all our plants every year. The kilns have daily capacities ranging from 100 to 600 tons and are heated with natural gas or pulverized coal, depending on the design and especially on required quality standards.

PCC Plants

PCC plants

Injecting carbon dioxide gas into the lime milk produces precipitated calcium carbonate. Depending on the type of reactor and the process control, different crystal structures and particle shapes and sizes are produced. The structures and sizes differ from those of natural deposits of calcium carbonate. Our various production lines with a worldwide output of approx. 442,000 tons produce customized powder and PCC slurry grades.

Grinding / hydrating and lime milk plants

Lime grinding plants / Hydrated lime and milk of lime production

For further processing, limestone grinding plants with an annual capacity of approx. 485,000 tons and hydrated lime plants with an annual capacity of approx. 290,000 tons are available. In addition to lump and crushed lime in defined grain sizes and powdered calcium oxide and calcium dihydroxide, milk of lime is produced in various solid concentrations using a slaking technology patented by SCHAEFER KALK.

Limestone grinding plants and high-quality chippings production

We produce unburnt lime products in limestone grinding plants with an annual output of 50,000 tons and high-quality chippings plants with an annual output of 80,000 tons.

Premixed dry mortar plant

Ready-mix mortar plant

We produce high-quality ready-mix dry mortar on a contract basis in our modern mixing plant with an annual output of approx. 80,000 tons, according to specially developed formulations.

Our raw materials

High-quality raw material deposits, which are essential for excellent quality, are secured over the long term. Our plant in Hahnstätten provides access to one of the purest limestone deposits in Europe. Our limestone is a 350-million-year-old compact limestone from the Devonian period with minimal amounts of secondary minerals. Using selective extraction and careful production control at the Hahnstätten and Steeden plants, we garantee raw materials for lime products that meet the highest quality requirements and standards.


Around 2.7 million tons of limestone are extracted from our quarries annually in a way that conserves resources to the greatest possible extent. Powerful surface drilling rigs, excavators, heavy-duty trucks, dumpers and wheel loaders are used to extract the limestone. This extracted limestone is crushed, sieved, washed and supplied in precisely defined qualities for further processing or else loaded for our customers.

Outline of the production process