Underbody coating

SCHAEFER KALK products are not only on the road in courier company vehicles. SCHAEFER KALK ultra-fine particles are also used in the underbody protection coatings of many cars and help to ensure prolonged durability of the car bodies. SCHAEFER KALK thereby ensures mobility and sustainability.



cPCC Applications

  • Underbody protection coatings
  • Depending on their size, passenger cars today are provided with around 5 to 8 kg of underbody protection by means of spraying robots. This layer underneath the car is less than half a millimeter thick. Underbody protection materials consist mainly of PVC, plasticizers and fillers, as well as a few additives. Ultra-fine particles of cPCC (coated precipitated calcium carbonate) are used to improve the flowability of the initially paste-like underbody protection material. During spraying, the compound must be easily spread on the underside of the car body and should form an even film. As soon as the material is applied, however, it must adhere immediately without running or dripping before being hardened in a gelling oven at about 130 degrees Centigrade. Two properties - flowability and adhesiveness - that are seemingly mutually exclusive.  With SCHAEFER PRECAseal®, both these properties are obtained at the same time.
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