SCHAEFER PRECAphos® has been developed specifically to make phosphate precipitation more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Rather than using harmful acids or alkalis, as found in conventional liquid precipitants, we use high-purity calcium compounds in combination with special iron salts.

As a result, SCHAEFER PRECAphos® is a completely new phosphate precipitant that also optimizes biological wastewater treatment.

Being a powder and a non-hazardous material, it is easy to transport. It can be dosed as bagged goods directly on site at small wastewater treatment plants. In case larger quantities are required, we provide suitable rental silo facilities and delivery of SCHAEFER PRECAphos® in bulk in silo trucks.

Efficient and environmentally friendly phosphate precipitation?
It is easy - with SCHAEFER PRECAphos®

Convenient powder application

Convenient powder application

Precise dosing - up to 30 percent more efficient than liquid precipitants.

  • Protection of resources and the environment
Easy transport

Easy transport

No matter whether bagged or in a rental silo, its classification as a hazardous material facilitates transport even to smaller wastewater treatment plants.

  • Non-hazardous material during transport
Neutralizes acids

Neutralizes acids

Improves living conditions and stability of activated sludge flocs.

  • Active acid binding
Optimizes wastewater treatment

Optimizes wastewater treatment

Has a positive effect on the entire wastewater treatment process. It particularly improves nitrogen reduction and prevents sludge flotation.

  • Clean water
Binds hydrogen sulfide

Binds hydrogen sulfide

Acts in the digested sludge tank and binds harmful hydrogen sulfide.

  • Optimum digestion and sludge dewatering

Did you already know?

[Translate to Englisch:] Fadenbakterien verhindern… mit SCHAEFER PRECAphos®:

SCHAEFER PRECAphos® stops filamentous bacteria:

Experience in recent years shows that SCHAEFER PRECAphos® also actively represses problematic filamentous bacteria, such as "Nocardioform Actinomycetes", or Nocardia for short. Wastewater treatment experts report very positive operational results and a safe and stable wastewater treatment. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

SCHAEFER PRECAphos® - patented technology made by SCHAEFER KALK.
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