Sealants and adhesives (PCC | cPCC)

Modern sealants and adhesives have become indispensable in everyday private and industrial life and are gaining increasing market shares by replacing established materials. With their varied and versatile properties, SCHAEFER PRECARB® and SCHAEFER PRECAseal® allow the composition of sealants and adhesives to be customized according to their specific application. These may include mechanical properties such as tensile strength, elastic recovery, elongation at break, Young's elasticity modulus, Shore hardness, rheological properties such as viscosity profile and yield point, as well as optical properties like brightness and hue, and also adhesion properties to a wide variety of substrates. With their invaluable crystal shape, grain size distribution, specific surface area and moisture balance characteristics, SCHAEFER PRECARB® and SCHAEFER PRECAseal® contribute significantly to defining the properties mentioned above and thus allow a high degree of flexibility in formulation. Many years of experience in the production of precipitated calcium carbonates combined with the latest plant technology make it possible for SCHAEFER KALK to provide the optimal solution to problems that arise in many applications.


PCC- I cPCC-product applications

PCC- I cPCC-product applications

  • Sealants industry
    e.g. automotive underbody sealants, seam sealants, windshield bonding, headlight bonding, LPG tank sealing, container, caravan and sailboat sealing and soundproofing.
  • Building industry/construction
    e.g. in structural glazing, insulating glass window sealants, adhesives for bonding window panes in their frames, production of sandwich components, parquet adhesives, kitchen and bathroom sealants.
  • Industrial assembly
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