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Burnt lime (quicklime), hydrated lime, limestone powder - our (structuring) lime-based construction materials provide the best solution for optimizing the road base and ensuring a long-lasting asphalt surface.


Lime product applications

Lime product applications

  • Soil and ground improvement
    SCHAEFER KALK supplies natural lime products that improve the soil without polluting it with harmful substances.
    Millennia ago, the Romans appreciated the beneficial properties of lime in the construction of their roads. They knew that the addition of quicklime (CaO) improves the often uneven and inhomogeneous soil by increasing its load-bearing capacity for the following stages of construction. Thus, lime is employed in road and path construction before any other visible work begins.
    In cohesive, very fine-grained soils, the water content is high and compressibility is correspondingly low. The application of quicklime can optimize soil conditions. SCHAEFER KALK quicklime removes water from the soil and binds it. The result is a compressible, stable substrate.
  • Asphalt
    The use of hydrated lime (Ca(OH)2, also known as slaked lime) has proven its worth in the production of asphalt in recent decades. When approx. 1.5 - 2 % calcium hydroxide is added during asphalt production, the properties of the asphalt are durably improved. SCHAEFER HAFTOLIT® effectively prevents swelling and cracking caused by water seeping into the asphalt. Oxidative aging of the bitumen being used is reduced, which results in an extension of the asphalt's lifespan.
    We have posted a report in German about our own test road on this topic:  Einsatz von Kalkhydrat im Asphalt
  • Grain sizes
    SCHAEFER KALK produces a range of different limestone grain sizes. The product portfolio ranges from coarse crushed stone to finely ground hard limestone powder. The applications are as varied as the grain sizes:
    Gravel: for the frost-proof construction of base course layers, with a low proportion of fine grains.
    Fine sand: for the reliable backfilling of shafts and pipelines, with a low proportion of oversized grains.
    Quality-controlled premium chippings: as a substrate for pavement work, for example; highly compressible and stable.
    Defined grain classes: used, for example, in the production of recipe-conforming asphalt mixes and concrete.
    Limestone powder: consistent quality and superior purity guarantee the reliable production of mastic asphalt.
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