SCHAEFER PRECARB® is a functional, economical filler. It provides great flexibility in the formulation of dispersion paints for architectural coatings and improves the film and flow properties of printing inks.


PCC product applications

PCC product applications

  • Dispersion paints
    Wall paints for interior and exterior use with their colorful and qualitative diversity enrich our daily lives. Environmentally friendly, water-based paints in new construction and renovation projects create a wealth of design potentials.
    SCHAEFER PRECARB® is an important white pigment extender for the economical formulation of dispersion paints for interior and exterior use. The same applies to its use in mineral finishing plasters, to which as a processing aid it also imparts a high degree of pliability.
    Opacity (wet and dry), brightness, hue, matte or gloss, wet abrasion resistance, rheology and workability are important properties of a dispersion paint.
    SCHAEFER PRECARB® has been successfully helping to optimally tune these properties in dispersion paints for many years.
    Optimizing manufacturing costs is an ongoing issue for paint producers. Thanks to its special properties, SCHAEFER PRECARB® allows for partial replacement of titanium dioxide pigments and thus significant cost reductions, while maintaining at least the same paint quality.
  • Printing inks
    Newspaper, magazine, food packaging, wallpaper etc. printing is done using very different processes: letterpress (flexo), rotogravure and offset.
    Today, a wide range of demands are placed on printing ink properties: optical (brightness, color hue, opacity), mechanical and rheological (workability at high speeds, sedimentation behavior). With its optimized combination of properties, SCHAEFER PRECARB® helps customers to configure the performance profile they require for their individual printing inks.
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