Environmental protection

A modern industrial society would no longer be conceivable today without protecting the environment and conserving resources. With our wide range of standard and special products, we make an active and important contribution to this. In flue gas cleaning, drinking water treatment, wastewater treatment, phosphate precipitation, industrial water treatment and many other environmentally relevant applications.


...keeps the air clean.
...keeps the air clean.
...purifies our drinking water.
...purifies our drinking water.
...cleans our wastewater.
...cleans our wastewater.
...dries and sanitizes slurries.
...dries and sanitizes slurries.
...optimizes incinerators.
...optimizes incinerators.

Lime product applications

  • Air
    SCHAEFER PRECAL® helps keep our air clean.
    Selection of the right adsorbent is crucial to the filtration efficiency of waste gas purification systems, as well as for compliance with the legal threshold values. In addition to cost-effectiveness, today the environmental impact of the selected adsorbent's production must be given consideration in the selection of an appropriate agent: from an environmental point of view, lime is the first choice!
    Thanks to its consistent product quality, SCHAEFER PRECAL® helps to ensure that legal threshold values are reliably complied with.
  • Drinking water
    Water is the fundamental basis of all life. Life originated in water and continues to need it every single day. This valuable element must be protected and kept clean. Because of its outstanding product purity and extremely low levels of heavy metals and secondary constituents, SCHAEFER PRECAL® is particularly well suited to this purpose.
    SCHAEFER PRECAL® is used particularly in drinking water treatment, where the most demanding requirements are placed on product quality. Purity, consistent product quality and reliable delivery, even at short notice in emergencies, are SCHAEFER KALK's special strengths.
    When our drinking water leaves the waterworks, it has already undergone numerous treatment steps to meet the stringent quality standards that apply in Germany. Depending on where the water is obtained, whether from deep wells, reservoirs or bank filtrates, the untreated water must be purified, softened or hardened or undergo chemical corrosion property adjustment.
    There are three common methods for softening water with lime:  "Slow decarbonization", "fast decarbonization" and "fast slow decarbonization", a combination of the first two processes. It is important that the lime products used react as quickly and completely as possible so that as little of the milk of lime as possible reaches the downstream filters.  SCHAEFER KALK supplies specialized products ranging from highly refined hydrated lime to ready-to-use, sedimentation-stabilized, highly reactive milk of lime for this purpose.
    If desired, an onsite slaking plant for producing highly reactive milk of lime from quicklime can also be provided.
  • Wastewater
    Used water must be purified before it can be returned to the water cycle. SCHAEFER KALK products contribute to the stabilization and acceleration of biological processes in municipal sewage treatment plants.
    For many years, SCHAEFER KLAROLIT® has been well established on the market for optimizing biological wastewater treatment. The product is focused on significantly improving living conditions for floc-forming bacteria and selectively increasing acid capacity directly in the activated sludge flocs. Compared to "conventional chalk products", SCHAEFER KLAROLIT® contains significantly fewer insoluble secondary constituents that can result in sediment formation in sewage treatment plants.
    With SCHAEFER PRECAPhos®, we present an innovative and sophisticated way of precipitating phosphates in sewage treatment plants. SCHAEFER PRECAPhos® is a powdered, highly concentrated multi-component product and is dispensed as a powder directly into the activated sludge tank. It acts there to precipitate phosphates and systematically improve biological wastewater treatment.
  • Industry
    Industrial processes need adequate quantities of water of outstanding quality. The highly efficient additive SCHAEFER PRECAL® helps to satisfy all water purity requirements. SCHAEFER PRECAL® is used in the production of ultra-pure water for the semiconductor industry as well as in water treatment for boiler feed water. Consistently low levels of secondary constituents and high reactivity ensure a reliable process.
    SCHAEFER PRECAL® is also used in intensive fish farming.
  • Fire
    Modern power plants generate ash and slag. SCHAEFER PRECAL® is used here to reduce the melting temperature of the slag and thus ensure a free-flowing slag stream. This saves energy and makes the process safer. The same physical effect has been used in the production of steel for many years.
  • Soil
    Lime is a natural soil additive and conditioner used to treat soil acidification. In agriculture, lime has been employed to increase crop yields in the soil since time immemorial. When mud is a problem, SCHAEFER PRECAL® is used for conditioning and as an additive to help in drainage.
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