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The positive influence of lime on the weather resistance of buildings has been recognized for centuries. As early as Roman times, whitewashes of slaked lime ("swamp lime") were used in this country as a coating to protect against precipitation.

SCHAEFER PRECAL® is used today in the production of high-quality building materials. From hard sand-lime bricks and flexible aerated concrete to leveling mortars and protective plasters for exterior and interior use, SCHAEFER PRECAL® consistently provides the highest quality.

SCHAEFER KALK construction limes meet all quality control requirements. Extensive controls based on the latest standards ensure a consistently superior level of quality.


Lime product applications

Lime product applications

  • Sand-lime brick
    Sand-lime bricks are made from a predefined mixture of the main ingredients quartz, sand and lime. In this process, quicklime and sand are intensively mixed and the subsequent addition of water causes the quicklime to react to form hydrated lime. Raw blocks are then molded from the lime and sand mixture and hardened by the action of heat and steam under pressure. After cooling, the sand-lime bricks are ready for use.
    SCHAEFER KALK supplies lime products for this purpose with consistent quality and precisely defined reaction times that guarantee a reliable production process.
  • Aerated concrete
    Like sand-lime brick, aerated concrete is a steam-cured building material. It is produced by mixing fine white lime with quartz-containing powdered stone. A measure of aluminum powder is added to this, which when subjected to steam under pressure releases hydrogen into the alkaline lime environment. The hydrogen is what creates the fine bubble structure that accounts for the favorable thermal properties of aerated concrete.
    SCHAEFER PRECAL® guarantees the basis for consistently high-quality building materials through a fine-tuned adjustment of the reactivity curve.
  • Mortars and plasters
    No building would be imaginable today without the bonding together of individual building material elements. SCHAEFER PRECAL® improves the workability of mortars and adhesives, helping to hold the individual bricks securely together.
    SCHAEFER PRECAL® improves the properties of base plasters. This allows the creation of attractive and flat surfaces. In the case of finishing plasters, SCHAEFER PRECAL®'s outstanding purity and whiteness also positively influences the optical appearance of the plaster.
    Interior plasters made with SCHAEFER PRECAL® provide lasting benefits in naturally regulating interior moisture, thus creating a healthy indoor climate.
    SCHAEFER PRECAL® is used for bonding and reinforcing mortars as building lime, pursuant to EN 459-1, and for interior and exterior use as an adhesive and for reinforcing ETIC systems.
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