Occupational health and safety

The safety and health of everyone who operates in our company are of special concern to us. One emphasis is on occupational safety and thus the physical and mental health of our employees. Their physical and mental integrity is a declared, essential company objective and contributes to a large extent to our commercial success.

We want our employees to go home every day physically and mentally unharmed. No job is so important that it can be permitted to proceed under inadequate safety precautions. We therefore integrate occupational safety and health protection into the earliest planning phases and into all our operating processes. The foundation for this is provided not only by the relevant laws, ordinances and regulations, but also by our operational guidelines, which go beyond the legal requirements.

Prevention is the most important element. We address this concern by continuously improving our occupational safety standards and the training of our employees.

And if it does happen: We analyze and document every relevant incident in the company in detail. We keep our employees informed openly and transparently and clearly identify and point out any deficiency that may have led to the accident. The deficiency is eliminated immediately. By providing information and training in occupational safety, we empower and motivate our employees and involve them in the continuous improvement process. Every employee is also taught that he must immediately report hazards and potential hazards to his supervisor or the designated safety officer.

Our managers are responsible for protecting employees from work-related accidents or health risks and serve as role models! It is the duty of all our managers to encourage and demand safety-conscious behavior from all our employees. In doing so, we follow the principle of "praise over punishment." Nevertheless, non-compliance with our occupational safety guidelines will result in consequences for managers, employees and outside contractors. To assess the progress and success of our occupational safety and health system, we regularly evaluate meaningful key performance indicators.

Our management provides all the necessary means and resources for implementing, monitoring and continuously improving the occupational health and safety system at SCHAEFER KALK.