SCHAEFER PRECARB® - precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) - gives paper maximum whiteness and opacity, increases its bulk and improves printability. Our ‘onsite’ technology allows us to produce right on our customer's premises: we make customized SCHAEFER PRECARB® grades at the customer's production site in our onsite production plant.

SCHAEFER PRECAL® - calcium oxide - serves as a precursor for PCC production in PCC onsite plants where it is used to make precipitated calcium carbonate right at the paper machine.



PCC product applications

  • Paper
    SCHAEFER PRECARB® - precipitated calcium carbonate - In paper pulp, it is used for cigarette paper, lightweight paper, food packaging paper and premium writing and printing papers.
  • SCHAEFER PRECARB® - precipitated calcium carbonate - Wherever maximum opacity is called for, SCHAEFER PRECARB® proves its exceptional abilities. Opacity is a highly valued property in lightweight paper and top-quality writing and printing papers. Our product’s superior purity also allows it to be used in cigarette paper and food packaging paper.
  • Paper coating
    In function coated specialized papers such as carbonless papers, thermosensitive papers and inkjet papers, customized SCHAEFER PRECARB® grades meet the highest requirements for function and surface quality.

Lime product applications

  • High quality art paper
    SCHAEFER PRECAL® - calcium hydroxide - is used in the production of gloss pigments such as satin white for high-quality art papers.
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