Energy, climate and environmental policies

We, the company SCHAEFER KALK, follow an energy, climate and environmental policy in accordance with our company principles.

This implies our commitment to ensure keeping damages to the climate, nature and environment as low as possible.

The compliance with legal requirements is self-evident and is assumed as a minimum level.

Concerning decisions of energetic, climate and environmental relevance we take into account sustainable aspects according to our sustainability declaration.

We wish to meet the requirements from climate policy by decarbonisation. The uses of alternative energy sources as well as regenerative energy are regularly subject to an evaluation. We participate in research projects for the usage of CO2 as raw material or product.

All production processes are energetically optimized within the scope of our continuous improvement process.

When selecting suppliers and external service providers energetic, climate and environmental aspects are considered.

Our products are manufactured and transported to the customer having regard to energetic, climate and environmental aspects.

We want to avoid detrimental effects of our plants on nature and environment and keep the use of resources as low as possible. The company management provides all necessary means and information to implement the energy, climate and environmental policies.

All employees are fully informed and trained as well as involved in the energy, climate and environmental management program.

All relevant parameters influencing the energy, climate and environment are continually recorded and monitored and, where necessary, corrective measures initiated.

The company management controls and regularly evaluates the compliance of this declared energy, climate and environmental policies.