About us

For 160 years, we have been a lime producer and supplier with roots in the region, a reliable employer and training company for around 700 employees worldwide, including approx. 40 trainees, and a dependable partner both for our service providers locally and for our customers from all over the world.

Five generations of the Schaefer family have been running the company since 1860. A number of our employees are also in the 3rd and 4th generation working for the company.

SCHAEFER KALK is synonymous with high-quality burnt and unburnt lime products and precipitated calcium carbonates (PCC).

Lime at its best. This describes our consistently high commitment to quality, which has made us a leading supplier of lime.

We produce and supply top-quality lime from one of the purest limestone deposits in Europe, satisfy the most diverse specifications of our customers, and find solutions for individual requirements.

The foundations of our success

The foundations of our success are:

  • high-quality limestone deposits
  • modern production facilities
  • sophisticated product qualities
  • efficient and customer-oriented services
  • innovative products, applications and production technologies
  • highly skilled and motivated personnel
  • high-performance standards arising from tradition
  • sustainable practices