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Life without steel is inconceivable in our industrialized society. Without the contribution of lime, however, the huge range of iron and steel types and varieties would not exist. New alloys and the production of specialized steels require the highest quality in the production and processing of the raw material iron ore.


Lime product applications

Lime product applications

  • Iron
    Before high-quality iron can be made from iron ore, SCHAEFER PRECAL® is already employed on the sinter belts to pelletize the ore. After the ore pellets have been melted in a blast furnace, SCHAEFER PRECAL® once again becomes active: It binds unwanted by-product components in a light slag, which can then be easily separated from the iron.
  • Stainless steel
    SCHAEFER PRECAL® is used in the steel mill to bind and remove secondary constituents persisting in the iron, such as sulfur, phosphorus, carbon, silicon and manganese. This makes it possible to produce high-purity steels for premium-quality applications.
    If the secondary constituents in the steel are reduced even further and the steel attains a specified purity, it is also referred to as stainless steel (or the different alloys). It is here that SCHAEFER PRECAL®'s outstanding chemical purity makes it the ideal choice.
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