Precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC)

We have been producing precipitated calcium carbonates that we market under the trade name SCHAEFER PRECARB® since 1954.

We make a wide variety of different grades in our modern production facilities to meet our customers' exacting requirements. In close cooperation with our customers, we develop specific solutions for individual products and processes.

This makes us one of the most experienced PCC producers worldwide.

By continuing to develop specialty products for niche markets, we are strengthening our position as a high-quality market leader for specialty PCC.

Product range PCC

SCHAEFER PRECARB® 100 Calcite, scalenohedral Safety data sheet
SCHAEFER PRECARB® 110 Calcite, scalenohedral Safety data sheet
SCHAEFER PRECARB® 120 Calcite, scalenohedral Safety data sheet
SCHAEFER PRECARB® 150 Calcite, scalenohedral Safety data sheet
SCHAEFER PRECARB® 200 Calcite, scalenohedral Safety data sheet
SCHAEFER PRECARB® 400 Calcite / aragonite, scalenohedral / prismatic Safety data sheet
SCHAEFER PRECARB® 800 Calcite, platelet Safety data sheet

PCC applications

Dispersion paint, printing inks

Rigid PVC/ window profiles

Paper pulp (cigarette paper, lightweight paper and high-quality writing and printing paper), specialty papers (carbonless paper, thermosensitive paper and inkjet paper)

Transportation industry, building industry/construction, sealants and adhesives

Crystal design

Crystal design

We produce precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) in various crystal modifications: calcite, aragonite and vaterite. In addition, the particle shape can be varied in a very large number of ways. The physical parameters for each of these crystal structures, e.g.

  • particle size and grain size distribution.
  • single particles or agglomerates of primary crystals
  • specific surface area, pore volume, absorption capacity (oil absorption value).

can be modified to suit the application.

This allows light scattering properties, opacity, rheology and many other application-related properties to be optimized.


  • a high degree of chemical purity,
  • a high level of whiteness and opacity,
  • exactly defined crystal structures,
  • exceptional fineness and close particle size distribution

are called for, our PCC is the right choice. Its versatility is evident in its wide variety of applications.

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