Limestone powder

We use a grinding-drying process to produce a finely sifted limestone powder from high-quality, selectively quarried natural limestone that is used in a wide variety of applications.

As a filler for adhesive and reinforcing mortars in the construction industry, for pH regulation in agriculture and forestry, as a carrier for binders and as a filler in the production of mastic and rolled asphalt for traffic surfacing and for producing bitumen roofing sheets, in glass production or exhaust air purification and as an inert filler for ready-mixed concrete and concrete products.

Our limestone powder is a certified filler, suitable for use as an aggregate for concrete, mortar and asphalt in accordance with

  • DIN EN 12620 Aggregates for concrete
  • DIN EN 13043 Aggregates for asphalt and surface treatments for roads, airports and other traffic surfaces
  • DIN EN 13139 Aggregates for mortar.

Product range limestone powder

SCHAEFER PRECAL® 18 Limestone powder 90 µm. Safety data sheet

Limestone powder applications

Flue gas desulfurization

Filler for road construction, mastic asphalt

Adhesive and reinforcing mortars, ceramic bodies

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