Schaefer Kalk passes audit "safe with system" in accordance with DIN ISO 45001

As one of the first companies in the stone and earth industry, SCHAEFER KALK meets all the occupational safety requirements set out in DIN ISO 45001.

"The safety and health of everyone who operates in our company are of special concern to us. We focus particularly on occupational safety and thus the physical and mental health of our employees. Their protection is a declared, essential goal of our company and contributes to a large extent to our success", as it is formulated in SCHAEFER KALK's company policy.

The company is now able to demonstrate that this declaration of intent does not merely consist of empty words. After an intensive two-day audit by the BG RCI (Berufsgenossenschaft Rohstoffe und chemische Industrie - German employers' liability insurance association for raw materials and the chemical industry), SCHAEFER KALK was awarded the "Sicher mit System" (Safe with System) seal of approval in accordance with DIN ISO 45001, making it a pioneer in the stone and earth industry.

Last year, SCHAEFER KALK not only successfully introduced the "Safety and Health at Work" management system. In a series of workshops, the employees, managers and works council also developed their own practical solutions to ensure safety in the company. Mechanisms were jointly developed and implemented at the different sites.

These help to ensure that, first of all, the physical sources of accidents such as trip hazards are identified and eliminated. However, it is also important to identify and eliminate behavior-related hazards, e.g. in work processes.

"We are proud of this award, but even more so of our employees, who especially in the last year put so much effort into implementing the occupational safety system, on top of their daily work load - the certificate is a fantastic reward! This seal of approval shows us that we are on the right track. It is our declared goal to make use of systematic occupational safety measures to ensure that there are no, or virtually no, accidents at work," says Dr.-Ing. Kai Schaefer, Technical Managing Director.

A great goal - the first steps have been taken.