Construction work for a photovoltaic plant on the Silberfeld dumpside between Hahnstätten and Lohrheim is progressing rapidly.

Planning for the construction of the PV plant began in January 2022, and construction work then started in the summer of 2023. Starting in January 2024, SCHAEFER KALK Energie GmbH will produce an annual output of approximately 10 gigawatt hours (GWh) of green electricity on an area of 9 hectares. 90% of this electricity will be used to operate the Hahnstätten plant. The company feeds the rest into the public power grid. In this way, SCHAEFER KALK will be able to cover about 25% of its electricity needs at the Hahnstätten plant with green electricity in the future.

The solar park consists of approximately 21,000 modules, which have already been installed. A total of 64 inverters, 126 km of solar cables and 5 km of three-phase cables will be installed. Four transformers have also been placed and connected on the site.

The company has also installed solar modules on the canopies of the employee parking lots. These will go into operation at the same time as the open-air system.

Due to the excellent cooperation between SCHAEFER KALK employees, suppliers and service providers, the project was completed in a very short construction time. For this, the company would also like to expressly thank the neighbouring communities, which have constructively supported the project from the very beginning. 

“This is a really exciting project with many challenges. It's an incredible pleasure to work on it and ultimately to contribute with our own work to making the company's energy supply fit for the future," says Gernot Hofmann, who is in charge of electrical planning for the project.

"With this project, we are taking another step towards our goal of being climate-neutral by 2045," adds Dr. Kai Schaefer.