Energy Policy

We at SCHAEFER KALK pursue an energy policy that is consistent with our company principles.
This includes the commitment to take all necessary measures to supply our products with a minimum energy input. Inherent in this is the continuous improvement in our energy efficiency. Compliance with legal requirements is a matter of course and is regarded as a prerequisite. All decisions that are relevant to energy consumption are taken with a regard to sustainability and life cycles are taken into consideration whenever appropriate.
The management at SCHAEFER KALK makes available all resources and information necessary to effectively implement this energy policy. All our employees are thoroughly briefed accordingly and are integrated in the energy management programme.
The management also supports the organisation in sourcing goods and services necessary to run energy-conciuos processes.
Energy consumption and significant energy aspects are continuously recorded and monitored and, where needed, corrective measures are initiated. Our management monitors and evaluates compliance with the stated energy policy on a regular basis.