Sealants & Adhesives

Modern sealants and adhesives have become indispensable in everyday personal and industrial life and are gaining an increasing market share through the replacement of established materials.

Application Examples

Automobile underbody protection materials, seam sealants, vehicle glass bonding, bonding of head-lights, sound insulation, LPG tank seals, container, caravan and sailboat seals

Building / Construction
Structural glazing, insulating window sealing materials, adhesives for bonding windows in frames, manufacture of sandwich panels, parquet flooring adhesives, kitchen and plumbing sealants

Further Examples
Industrial assembly

Diverse Properties

must be built into these sealants and adhesives, depending on their intended use:

Mechanical properties
Tensile strength, elastic recovery, ductile yield, E-module, Shore hardness

Rheological properties
Viscosity profile, yield point

Optical properties
Brightness, colour

Adhesion to a variety of different substrates

SCHAEFER PRECARB, with its valuable crystal shape, grain size distribution, specific surface and moisture content characteristics, contributes significantly to creating the mentioned properties, so that the formulator can be allowed a high degree of flexibility.
Many years of experience in the production of precipitated calcium carbonates combined with state of the art factory technology make it possible for SCHAEFER KALK to provide the optimal solution for many applications.