Chemical Industry

The efficiency of reagents is decisively influenced by their purity. SCHAEFER PRECAL con-tains very few secondary constituents. Thus a safe and consistent product quality can be at-tained when SCHAEFER PRECAL is employed in production processes - no matter whether it is used as a reactant, additive or as a neutralizer.
SCHAEFER PRECAL is used in the production of propylene oxide, a precursor for polyure-thane, solvents and humectants, as well as of antifreeze compounds, resins, emulsifiers and surfactants.
In the petrochemical industry SCHAEFER PRECAL is needed in the production of mineral oil additives.
Further fields of application that require the high quality of SCHAEFER PRECAL are in pre-servatives, polyols, phosphates and gelatine products.
SCHAEFER KALK pledges all its customers to provide consistent quality, assured quality and outstanding analytics in order to meet the highest requirements.