Future Develops from Tradition

the motto at the company's 150th anniversary in 2010 - demonstrates the ease with which the work of former generations of leadership can be related to present-day demands on the compan's management.

Five generations of the Schaefer family have led the company since 1860. Some of our employees' families have also been with the company for 3 or 4 generations.

Johann Schaefer (1860 - 1886) founded the company Johann Schaefer Kalkwerke. Four annular shaft kilns were built in Hahnstätten und other locations.

Wilhelm Schaefer (1886 - 1921) brought together the many small lime factories in the Lahn district. He built the first large-scale technical hydrating plant.

Wilhelm Schaefer (1920 - 1964) built the first gas-fired shaft kilns in 1922 as well as hydrating plants in Hahnstätten und Limburg. He led the company through the economic crisis and the world war and was responsible for the significant post-war upswing and for the diversification into further refined products.

Hans von Zander (1946 - 1985) was responsible for the continuous expansion of the Hahnstätten plant to one of the most productive lime factories in the world. Important advances in lime burning technology - GGR kilns -, in the hydration of lime and the large-scale production of precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) are thanks to him.

Under the leadership of Klaus Schaefer (1965 - 2003) and Dr. Gernot Schaefer (1976 - 2009) SCHAEFER KALK evolved further to become a producer of specialized lime products to meet the highest demands.
The international position of SCHAEFER KALK was expanded by the construction of factories in Malaysia and China, among other countries.
In 1999 lime plants in Steeden, Stromberg and Grevenbrück were purchased.
Heike Horn, nee Schaefer, (since 2002), Dr. Kai Schaefer (since 2005) and Dr. Andreas Kinnen (since 2005) now lead the company in the 5th generation.