State of the Art in Research, Development and Application Technology

True to the motto "Nothing in this world is so good that it cannot be improved upon"┬Ł, market demands are constantly changing. We are prepared! We customize our products according to the requirements and wishes of our customers and always try to be a little better. Our primary objective is to address the individual needs of our customers for SCHAEFER product qualities in a targeted and competent manner, because the resolution of individual tasks is of particular importance to us.

The highly qualified staff of our research and development department at the Hahnst├Ątten central laboratory works with the most up-to-date equipment and cooperates closely with renowned universities and globally active research institutes.

These research and development activities require enormous experience and very specific know-how in order to implement the innovative ideas of our partners. Our activities are thus concerned with e.g. projects for medical products, additives for long-lasting engine oils or ultra-pure products for the electronical industry. They also include sensitive applications in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Our customers thereby profit from the innovative power of a company that is equipped with modern technology and bases its know-how on more than 150 years of experience in lime production.