Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC)

SCHAEFER KALK has been producing precipitated calcium carbonates since 1954. They are mar-keted under the brand name SCHAEFER PRECARB.
In our modern production plants we are able to manufacture a range of qualities that meet the exacting requirements of our customers.
We always focus on our customers and their individual needs. We develop specific solutions to prod-ucts and processes in close cooperation with them.  

Crystal Design

Precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) can be produced as various crystal modifications and granule forms.
The physical parameters for each of these precipitation products are optimized according to desired application, e.g.

  •  particle size and granule size distribution
  •  single particles or agglomerations of primary crystals
  •  specific surface, pore volume, absorptive capacity (oil number)


  • high chemical purity,
  • brilliant whiteness and opacity,
  • exactly defined crystal structures,
  • exceptional fineness and tight particle size distribution

are called for, SCHAEFER PCC are in demand. Their diversity is reflected in the wide range of different applications.