Building Materials Industry

For centuries the positive effects of lime on the resistance of buildings to weathering have been well known. Even in Roman times whitewashes with slaked lime ("swamp lime") were employed here as protection from precipitation.
Today SCHAEFER PRECAL is used for the production of high quality building materials. From hard sand-lime bricks to the flexible aerated concrete to levelling mortars and protective plasters for outdoor and indoor use, SCHAEFER PRECAL consistently provides the highest quality.
SCHAEFER KALK's construction limes meet all quality monitoring requirements. Extensive tests based on the latest standards ensure consistent quality of the highest level.

Sand-Lime Bricks
Sand-lime bricks are made of a defined mixture of the key ingredients quartz sand and lime. The quicklime and sand are thereby intensively mixed and the addition of water then causes the quicklime to react to form lime hydrate. Subsequently rough stones are pressed out of the lime and sand mixture and hardened by the action of heat and steam pressure. After cooling, the sand-lime bricks are ready for use.
SCHAEFER KALK supplies consistent lime qualities with exactly defined reaction times for this pur-pose, which guarantees a reliable production process.

Aerated Concrete
Like sand-lime bricks, aerated concrete is also a steam-hardened building material. It is made by mixing fine white lime with rock powder containing quartz. A portion of aluminium powder is added, which in this lime-related alkaline medium causes hydrogen to be released when steam is applied under pressure. The hydrogen thus creates the fine bubble structure, which is responsible for the positive thermal properties of the aerated concrete.
SCHAEFER PRECAL creates the basis for consistently high building material quality through its finely tuned adjustment of the reaction process.

Mortars and Plasters
Today no building could be imagined without the bonding of individual building material elements. SCHAEFER PRECAL improves the workability of mortars and adhesives and thereby helps to keep each stone securely on top of the other.
In order to create attractive and even surfaces, SCHAEFER PRECAL improves the properties of base-coat plasters. Because of its high purity and whiteness, SCHAEFER PRECAL also has a positive in-fluence on the visual appearance of finishing plasters.
Indoor plasters that are made with SCHAEFER PRECAL help with the natural regulation of humidity and thereby maintain a healthy indoor climate.