Iron & Steel

A life without steel in our industrialized society is inconceivable.
The variety of iron and steel grades possible today could not be offered without the use of lime. New alloys and the manufacture of special steels require the highest quality in the production and processing of the raw material iron ore.

Before high-grade steel can be made from iron ore, SCHAEFER PRECAL is already used on the sinter belts in the pelletizing of the ore. After the ore pellets are melted in a blast furnace, SCHAEFER PRECAL comes into action again: it binds unwanted secondary components in a light slag, which can then easily be separated from the iron.

Stainless Steel
SCHAEFER PRECAL binds secondary components contained in the iron, such as sulphur, phosphorus, carbon, silicon and manganese so that they can be removed. It thereby becomes possible to produce highly pure steels for the most exacting applications.
If the secondary components in the steel are reduced even further, at a certain purity one begins to speak of high-grade or stainless steels (besides the alloys). Here especially the use of SCHAEFER PRECAL is optimal due to its exceptional chemical purity.