Dispersion Paint

The varied colours and qualities of wall paints for indoor and outdoor use enrich our daily lives. Environmentally friendly water-based paints in new construction or in renovations present numerous design options.

Opacity/transparency (wet and dry), brightness, colour shade, matt/glossy, wet scrub resistance, rheology and workability are important characteristics of a dispersion paint.

For years SCHAEFER PRECARB has successfully helped adjust these properties in dispersion paints in an optimal way.
Optimisation of production costs is a constant issue for paint manufacturers.
SCHAEFER PRECARB's special properties make it possible to partially substitute for titanium     dioxide pigments, thereby allowing significant cost reduction and at the same time retaining or even improving the paint's quality.

We would be happy to help you select the suitable PRECARB type for your requirements.

Printing Ink

The printing of newspapers, magazines, food packaging, wallpaper, etc. carried out using quite different processes: letterpress, flexography, rotogravure and offset printing.

The demands made on a printing ink today are manifold:
Optical characteristics (brightness, colour shade, hiding/transparency), mechanical properties, rheological properties (workability at high speeds, sedimentation/flocculation).

The optimal combination of SCHAEFER PRECARB's properties helps the formulator adjust the desired parameter profile for his/her printing ink as required