SCHAEFER PRECARB - precipitated calcium carbonate - gives paper its brightest whiteness and opacity, increases its volume and improves printability.
In the paper mass it is used for cigarette paper, thin printing paper and high-quality writing and printing papers (e.g. watermark paper).
For special papers with functional coatings, such as carbonless auto-copying paper, thermosensitive paper and ink-jet paper, customized SCHAEFER PRECARB pigments fulfill very specific requirements.
Our customers use SCHAEFER KALK on-site technology at their own locations. Custom-made SCHAEFER PRECARB qualities are made on the production premises of the customer using the on-site production plant.

- calcium oxide - serves as the raw material in PCC on-site plants for PCC production and is used in PCC in-situ processing to make precipitated calcium carbonate right at the paper machine.
SCHAEFER PRECAL - calcium hydroxide - is used in the production of gloss pigments like satin white for high quality art paper.