Cosmetics / Pharmaceuticals / Food

SCHAEFER PRECARB - precipitated calcium carbonate with a high level of purity and special grain size distribution - is on everyone's lips: from M as in medicines to T as in toothpaste!

In pharmaceutical preparations and tablets, SCHAEFER PRECARB serves as an excipient / inert filler material. The cosmetics industry uses SCHAEFER PRECARB as polishing agent for toothpaste.

SCHAEFER PRECAL - calcium oxide and hydroxide - is an important precursor to other food additives: citric acid, lactic acid, phosphate and gluconates. It is also used in the preparation of food quality gelatine, raising agents for baking and calcium salts for the "daily dose of calcium"┬Ł.
The high level of purity of the limestone raw material makes it possible for SCHAEFER KALK to develop fields of application with such stringent purity requirements.
The introduction and certification of a HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control point) concept at the Hahnst├Ątten plant in 2009 was therefore a logical step.

We often come into contact with SCHAEFER PRECAL and SCHAEFER PRECARB in everyday consumption, even if we usually do not notice.