Environmental Protection

A modern industrial landscape without environmental protection and conservation of resources is unimaginable. SCHAEFER KALK makes an important contribution by supplying high quality lime products under the trade name PRECAL for standard and special applications in environmental protection:

    Lime keeps the air clean.
    Lime is used to prepare our drinking water.
    Lime cleans our wastewater
    Lime is used to optimise our combustion plants.
    Lime helps to sanitize and extract water from our sludges.


SCHAEFER PRECAL helps to keep our air clean.
The choice of the correct absorbent is vital to the collection efficiency of a waste gas purification facility, in particular for compliance with legal requirements. Besides economic efficiency, nowadays the environmental impact must be considered in choosing an absorbent: from ecological aspects, lime is the first choice! Further information on this topic may be found in an abbreviated form in the download area and in detail here.
SCHAEFER PRECAL helps to meet the legal limits with its consistent product quality.


Water is the basis for all life. Life began in water and even today needs it on a daily basis. It is all the more important to conserve this valuable resource and keep it clean. SCHAEFER PRECAL is particularly suited to this task due to its high level of purity and its extremely low heavy metal and secondary ingredient content.
SCHAEFER PRECAL is utilized particularly in drinking water treatment, where especially stringent demands are made on product quality. Purity, consistent product quality and reliable delivery, even in emergencies on short notice, are particular strengths of SCHAEFER KALK.

Drinking water
When our drinking water leaves the waterworks it has already undergone numerous treatment steps in order to meet the high quality standards usual in our society. Depending on the source, whether from a deep well, a reservoir or shore filtrate, the water must be purified, softened, hardened or its corrosion chemistry must be modified. Softening in pellet reactors with milk of lime is state of the art.
It is important that the reaction of the lime products is as rapid and as complete as possible, so that preferably none of the milk of lime used reaches the downstream filters. SCHAEFER KALK supplies special products for this purpose like finely air classified lime hydrate and ready-to-use sedimentation-stabilized, highly reactive milk of lime.
If desired, a SCHAEFER system slaking plant can be provided for the production of highly reactive milk of lime from quicklime.

Used water must be purified before it can be returned to the water cycle. Here SCHAEFER PRECAL contributes to the stabilization and acceleration of biological processes in municipal sewage treatment plants.
Currently the topic of acid capacity is in the foreground. The association between sufficient acid capacity and accelerated decomposition efficiency was demonstrated in several research projects. SCHAEFER PRECAL helps to minimize energy requirements in sewage treatment plants by speeding up aerobic decomposition processes. Further information on this topic can be found here.

Industrial processes require sufficient quantities of water of exceptional quality. As a highly efficient auxiliary substance, SCHAEFER PRECAL helps to fulfill all water quality requirements.
SCHAEFER PRECAL is used to prepare ultra-pure water for the semiconductor industry as well as for the treatment of boiler feed water. Consistently low quantities of minor constituents and high reactivity ensure a safe production process.
For SCHAEFER KALK, dependability and adherence to delivery dates are part of the product.
SCHAEFER PRECAL is also used in intensive fish farming.


Ashes and slags are produced in modern power plants. SCHAEFER PRECAL is utilized to reduce the melting point of the slag so that a pourable slag flow results. This saves energy and makes the process safer.
The same physical effect has been exploited in steel production for many years.


Lime is a natural substance employed to treat acidified soils. Lime has been used to increase yields in agriculture for eons. When sludges or slurries occur, SCHAEFER PRECAL is used for conditioning and as an auxiliary material in removing water.
In municipal sludges, SCHAEFER PRECAL is employed in purification. Its high pH and the heat build-up from the reaction of water with slaked lime ensure that future regulations concerning the purification of sewage sludge that are called for are already being fulfilled today.